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Frequently asked questions FAQ about air conditioning units, heat pumps, ducted systems.

Which type to buy?
This very much depends on specific requirements for each home/office. Looking at standard or inverter type, features and functionality will help to decide which type best suits your needs. We can give you a free home appraisal and recommend which type and size is right for your needs.

 I cant afford a heat pump. Can you help?
Yes. We offer a whole range of heat pump products at all prices.

Is it really free to request quotes?
Yes. Using ACE Air Conditioning  is 100% free of charge and there is no obligation whatsoever.

How do air conditioners remove humidity from the room?The evaporator coils on the front of the air conditioner get very cold during normal operation of the air conditioner. As the warm moist air in the room comes in contact with the cold evaporator the moisture in the air condenses out of the air and attaches to the evaporator coil. As more and more moisture condenses the water begins to drip down into the base of the air conditioner where it is evaporated to the outside of the house.

What can I do to make my air conditioner more efficient?Prevent any direct sunlight from heating up the room the unit is in. Clean the dust filter every month or as often as it needs it. Limit using any heat generating appliances such as stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, hair dryers, etc.

Should there be ice on my Air Conditioning unit refrigerant pipe?Absolutely not. You should never have ice forming anywhere on your air conditioning unit or it’s refrigerant line set (copper pipe or tubes) as this is an indication of an improperly charged air conditioning system. This is usually a symptom of a low refrigerant charge but also can be attributed to a possible clog in the refrigerant line set itself. Either way this requires immediate attention and repair or damage to your system could be the result.

Will my system need maintenance?Good maintenance is important in ensuring the continued performance of your air conditioning system. Air filters and outdoor unit coils will typically require regular cleaning. Talk to your dealer or installer about the requirements for your particular system.

How do I make a Warranty Claim?
The first step is to make contact with your installer, they will be able to ascertain the cause of the fault and either make their own repairs or make the warranty claim to temperzone.

What does the ‘ENERGY STAR’ mean?
ENERGY STAR is the global mark of energy efficiency. It is typically awarded to the top 25 percent most energy efficient appliance.

 What is an inverter type heat pump?
 This type of heat pump has an electronic speed controlled compressor which speeds up or slows down depending on room temperature. Where as standard type heat pumps run their compressors at full speed while the unit is calling for heat. The benefits are smooth temperature control and lower running costs.

 What is a Heat Pump?
 A heat pump – also known as a reverse cycle air conditioner, is a clever device that extracts heat energy from one volume of air and transfers it to another. So one body of air gets warmer, whilst the other gets cooler.
They can be used to:

  • heat in the winter
  • cool in the summer
  • dehumidify the air
  • circulate and filter the air